On May 13th,  Angela Folkestad, Executive Director of the CO/WY ACPA presented the Lifetime Pavement Recognition Award to the members of the City of Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) for the Mapleton Avenue project. 


The Lifetime Pavement Recognition award is a national award. “The City of Boulder, Colo., was in recognized with an award for a four-block section of Mapleton Avenue, a location of great importance to a vibrant city. Built in 1927, and with minimal maintenance since, the concrete pavement stands as an exceptional and durable example of concrete put to the test. This historic section of Mapleton Avenue has contributed to economic development, including mining camps, the discovery of gold, and the growth of the University of Colorado.

“More than 90 years later, and thanks to the forward-thinking of past Boulder city officials and engineers, Mapleton Avenue continues to serve the city well,” according to Gerald F. Voigt, ACPA president and CEO, who added, “It also serves as a reminder of the impact solid infrastructure can have on a community.”