The presentations accessible by hyperlinks below have been provided by the presenters who utilized slides and shared their content for publication.  All speakers are shown for reference, but not all presenters used visuals.

General Session Presentations
Angela Folkestad, P.E., CO/WY Chapter – ACPA  
Concrete Overlay Construction & Performance
Ralph Bell, Castle Rock Construction Company  
Designing Concrete Overlays
Julie Vandenbossche, PhD, P.E., University of Pittsburgh  
The Benefits of Competition & A Balanced Paving Program: A Business Case for a Two-Pavement System  
Jim Mack, P.E., CEMEX
Constructing Quality Concrete Pavement for the Next Generation  

Craig Wieden, P.E., Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
Matt Fonte, Fonte & Co.
Mike Praul, P.E., Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Sunstainability Throughout the Concrete Pavement Life Cycle   
Eric Ferrebee, P.E., ACPA  
Paving I-80 Rock Springs & Leveraging FHWA’s Mobile Concrete Technology Center to Learn More
Greg Frazee, IHC Scott  
Brad McCullough, P.E., WYDOT
Mike Praul, P.E., FHWA  
Breakout Session Presentations
Materials – Advancements in Concrete Mixtures  Design & Construction – Concrete Overlays
Prioritizing Durability in Concrete Mixtures & Paving – A Discussion on New Approaches to Materials, Testing & Opening to Traffic Designing Bonded & Unbonded Concrete Overlays
Mike Praul, P.E., Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Julie Vandenbossche, PhD, P.E., University of Pittsburgh
Leif Wathne, P.E., National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center) Get in, Get Out, Stay Out! Iowa SH 3 Accelerated Concrete Overlay
  Greg Mulder, P.E., Iowa Concrete Paving Association
Design & Construction – Smoothness Asset Management/Maintenance – Smoothness & Preservation
Constructing Smooth Concrete Pavements Concrete Pavement Preservation – Sustainable Solutions for Today & Tomorrow
Matt Fonte, Fonte & Co. John Roberts, P.E., International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA)
Longevity of Smoothness & its Relationship with Sustainability  Lessons Learned on Long-Term Smoothness 
Eric Ferrebee, P.E., ACPA Larry Scofield, P.E., ACPA & IGGA
Airports -Design & Construction Local Agencies – ADA Requirements
Everything Concrete Pavement for Airports! Discussions on P-501 & P-610 specifications, recently issued Engineering Bulletins, Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), and tackling changing conditions and challenges during Construction.

ADA Design & Solutions – A Practical Discussion on Implementing ADA Requirements.

Gary Mitchell, P.E., ACPA Jesse Jonas, P.E., MO/KS Chapter – ACPA