The presentations accessible by hyperlinks below have been provided by the presenters who utilized slides and shared their content for publication.  All speakers are shown for reference, but not all presenters used visuals.

General Session Presentations
Welcome & Reintroduction to ACPA
Angela Folkestad, P.E., CO/WY Chapter – ACPA
Sarah Dalton, P.E., CO/WY Chapter – ACPA
Low Carbon Concrete: An Opportunity to Leverage Federal Funding
Tom Van Dam, PhD, P.E., FACI, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. 
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to Predict Roadway Efficiency & Performance
Hessam AzariJafari, PhD, MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub
Quality Control and Why it Matters (Presentation Part 1)
Quality Control and Why it Matters (Presentation Part 2)
Matt Fonte, Fonte & Company
Jerod Gross, P.E., National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
The Need for Competition in a Sustainability Focused World
Eric Ferrebee, P.E., ACPA
Denver International Airport’s New Taxiway EE
John Sweeney, FAA
Brent Nichols, P.E., Denver International Airport
Ben Gonzales, P.E., Woolpert
Justin Cooper, P.E., Garver
Stephen Wheeler, P.E., Flatiron Constructors
Breakout Session Presentations
Breakout Session #1   Breakout Session #2
Design & Construction – Opening to Traffic   Sustainability – Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
A new look at strength requirements for opening concrete pavements to traffic   Components of an LCA for Pavements
Matt Zeller, P.E., Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota   Eric Ferrebee, P.E., ACPA
REBEL Sensor: Real-time concrete strength monitoring without maturity curve   Demonstration of MIT CS Hub’s Pavement LCA Tool
Rui He, Purdue University   Hessam AzariJafari, PhD, MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CS Hub)
Airports – Design & Construction   Design & Construction – Smoothness
Everything Concrete Pavement for Airports! Resolving conflicts within the specifications & new specifications coming soon   CDOT’s New Smoothness Specification for 2024
Harold Honey, P.E., PMP, FAA (Virtual)   Eric Prieve, P.E., ACPA
Airport Research – Ongoing & Upcoming Projects   Achieving Concrete Pavement Smoothness
Leif Wathne, P.E., National Concrete Pavement Technology Center   Matt Fonte, Fonte & Company
    Measuring Concrete Pavement Smoothness 
Materials – Quality Control   Adam Kohake, Surface Systems and Instruments (SSI)
CDOT’s shift to Compressive Strength Testing & additional QC Requirements    
Ryan Zoetewey, CMT Technical Services   Airports – Preserving Concrete Pavement
Concrete Pavement Technology Center’s Guide to Quality Control   Accelerated Runway Rehabilitation at DEN (Part 1)
Jerod Gross, P.E., representing CPTC   Kathryn Stevens, P.E., ENV SP, V-1 Consulting
    Accelerated Runway Rehabilitation at DEN (Part 2)
    Brandon Bates, P.E., Millstone Weber
    Grinding & Regrooving Airfield Pavements
    Larry Scofield, P.E., ACPA & International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA)
    Materials – Advancements in Concrete Mixtures
    Impacts of changing cement chemistry with Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) 
    Addressing admixture combinations
    Anne Miller, GCC
    Ken Campbell, Master Builders Solutions
    Specifying rapid strength gain mixes for durability
    Matt Ross, P.E., CTS Cement