Concrete Overlay Construction (from the Overlays Webinar Series)

Session 4:  Concrete Overlay Plans, Maintenance of Traffic, and Construction

Gary Fick, The Transtec Group

Brent Burwell, PE, OK/AR Chapter – ACPA


Concrete Pavement Jointing (from the Concrete Paving Best Practices Webinar Series)

Session 4:  Roundabout Design & Construction (Watch 2nd half of session for construction focused jointing guidance)

Eric Ferrebee, PE, ACPA

Steve Waalkes, PE, Michigan Concrete Paving Association


Session 6:  Concrete Pavement Joint Layout & Construction

Kevin McMullen, PE, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association

Bill Cuerdon, ACPA – New York State Chapter


Concrete Pavement Smoothness (from the Real-Time Smoothness Webinar Series)

Session 1:  Achieving Smoothness in Concrete Pavement Construction

Gary Fick, The Transtec Group

Sarah Sanders, PE, CO/WY Chapter – ACPA

David Howard, PE, Koss Construction