Owners: Eleazar Villalobos and Marlene Andrade

Established: 2003

Company size: 65 employees


We spoke with Marlene Andrade, co-owner of Chato’s Concrete, to learn a bit more about our member.

First things first:

  • Anyone who knows Eleazor knows he goes by Chato.
  • Chato immigrated to the US from Mexico in the 80’s.
  • Started as a construction laborer.
  • In 2003, Chato approached his daughter, Marlene, who was just a few years out of high school, and asked her if she wanted to join him in creating his own business.
  • Thus, Chato’s Concrete was born.

How would you define your values at Chato’s Concrete?

Quality. Delivering a quality product to all jobs, large or small. Having respect for everyone along the way to get the work done. Everyone has value and their own expertise. So, respect and building relationships goes hand in hand with the quality of product and the quality of service.

What do you see as being the current challenges in the Industry?

Material shortages and there is so much work to be done.

What is Chato’s excited about in the future?

The Colorado infrastructure is growing tremendously, and we believe this is the new norm. We are proud to be part of it and want to continue to support that growth.

I understand you are also on the Board at Colorado Contractor’s Association. The best part of being a member of an Association?

The knowledge you get and the conversations with others in the industry. They know what affects you and what’s important to you. The legislative information you learn about opens a whole difference perspective of what potential issues can affect or benefit your company and the industry.  The Association is there to support you.  Even when communicating with direct competitors, they give you insight into your own company and yourself, and all that helps you get to that next level.

Thank you, Marlene and Chato’s Concrete, for your time in sharing a bit about what makes you great!