Castle Rock Construction Company paving on I-25.

Owners: Employee-owned since 2002

Established: 1981 at its current name, but it’s history can be tracked back to 1898!

Company size: ≈ 100

We spoke with Amy Brooks, Chief Operating Officer and Co-owner, to learn a bit more about our member.

First things first:

  1. CRCC is a century-old industry leader specializing in the construction of transportation infrastructure.
  2. Very early beginnings: In 1898 a family-owned company in Iowa went on to become one of the early builders of concrete streets. Eventually, they wanted to bring concrete pavement to Colorado.
  3. Castle Rock Construction Company, based in Colorado, was established in 1981 to build concrete paving and related work in the Rocky Mountain region.
  4. Under the leadership of Erik Jensen, CRCC has since diversified to include grading, earthwork, curb & gutter, flatwork, concrete barrier, underground utilities, aggregate trucking and design-build in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, South Dakota and Iowa.
  5. As of 2022, 35 people have been with CRCC for over 10 years and 11 have been with CRCC for over 30 years!

Amy Brooks with her husband, David Brooks – CFO at CRCC, and their daughter, Ava.

Amy, you’ve been with CRCC for nearly 10 years, starting as a project manager and now as the Chief Operating Officer. How did you find yourself in this industry?

I studied architectural engineering. I quickly realized that I didn’t want to be sat at a computer and I wanted to be outside and working with people. I also realized I wasn’t particularly interested in construction in the vertical world. I grew up around this – around pavers and road projects. I started working at Kiewit my first 4 years out of college. Then, when the opportunity came to be a part of ownership, we moved to Colorado. I started at the bottom of the structure to learn how CRCC manage their work… and just worked my way up from there.

Left, Chris Shoemaker (CRCC), Rhianna Poss (CDOT Region 4), and Rich Timian (CRCC) accepting the National ACPA Gold Awards in December of 2022 for Wiggins and 287 Passing Lanes in Nashville.

How would you define the values of CRCC?

  1. Driven to Overcome Every Challenge
  2. Innovators that Transform our Industry
  3. Develop & Retain High Performing, Passionate and Loyal Employees

What do you see as being the current challenges in the industry?

Building the workforce of the future. Our industry needs people who have a passion for what we do and can take us into the future and be successful at building infrastructure. But it’s about attracting the right people. Managing the market is a challenge. There are changes in the market every day and managing those changes, moving with it and maintaining capacity thru lulls is everything.

What is CRCC excited about in the future?

Again, building the team of the future. A strong team. The industry has gotten very tech and I see a need to get back to basics of good quality work.

You are also one of our Board Members. Do you have any other involvements?

I’m also on the Board at Colorado Contractors Association, just started in 2022.

What do you find valuable in being a member of an association? 

I have learned a lot from fellow contractors. We all get exposed to our own companies and used to our own ideas. It has been a blessing to be involved. I feel like I’m one of the younger people and yet I get to sit in the room and listen to others who have a lot of wisdom and experience. I’m not a big networking person but the exposure to other companies and how we should be thinking about things as a group: what’s good for the larger group, what’s good for contractors, concrete – and not just for my company. I get to be a part of something bigger.

Thank you, Amy and Castle Rock Construction Company, for your time in sharing a bit about what makes you great!

Left to Right: Rich Timian (CRCC),  Chris Shoemaker (CRCC) and Rhianna Poss (CDOT Region 4) at an ACPA event.